Fairway IQ

Asset Tracking

Fairway IQ

FAIRWAYiQ’s industrial internet of things (IoT) hardware and software platform monitors, manages and predicts all golf course activity, operations and maintenance needs. For the golf professional, FAIRWAYiQ monitors carts, caddies and players, optimizes course flow and reduces the cost of the operation by alerting the operations team of player pace problems before traffic backups occur.

For maintenance superintendents, FAIRWAYiQ monitors all equipment location, usage and performance to reduce equipment downtime. The superintendent is able to identify and track tasks automatically through task benchmarking and proactive work scheduling. Ultimately, the superintendent will understand where dollars are going and how to maximize the budget.

In addition to golf courses, FAIRWAYiQ is addressing related problems in adjacent industries like sports stadiums, municipalities, universities, landscaping, resorts and others reliant upon small, motorized equipment and labor productivity.

The machineQ™ enterprise grade, LoRa® IoT connectivity platform, implementation, monitoring and sensor hardware financing services has greatly supported FAIRWAYiQ’s rapid and cost-effective scaling of the business.