Facility Management


Pansofik is a machineQ B2B partner offering cost effective IoT-based solutions for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and building owners. Leveraging the machineQ platform, LoRaWAN™ networking technology, and cloud-based IoT platform, we have created a secure, low cost and easy-to-deploy suite of environmental and energy monitoring solutions that deliver rapid ROI.

Our Smart Building suite of sensor solutions provide real-time monitoring of building mechanical, environmental, electrical and plumbing (MEEP) data enabling building managers to improve tenant comfort and productivity while optimizing operations to lower utility costs by as much as 30%. Traditional IoT and BMS systems are costly, complex, and difficult to deploy. In fact, 90% of U.S. building stock have no smart technology installed to improve energy and operational costs.

For SMB customers Pansofik offers simple and cost effective managed solutions to enable key SMB use cases such as monitoring and alerting the status of refrigerated and perishable goods, energy use profiling, and water leak detection. Our goal is to provide affordable 24/7 protection of your assets and property that takes minutes to install and provides years of service and value.

Combining our cost-effective sensors, low-touch deployment, and cloud infrastructure with machineQ allows us to deliver enterprise level security, service, and availability at a simplicity and price point previously unattainable using existing systems.